Experience Poutine at the Myersville Winter Farmers Market on February 20

Experience Poutine at the Myersville Winter Farmers Market on February 20
Melty, meaty, cheesy, salty—poutine combines so many wonderful flavors and textures in one bowl, it’s hard to believe poutine is still an undiscovered treasure among most of the world, but on February 20 we’re introducing this classic Canadian dish of French Fries, gravy, and cheese curds to Myersville.
Poutine was invented in 1957 when a trucker asked Fernand Lachance to add cheese curds to his fries in Warwick, Quebec.  By the 1970s, Poutine had invaded the United States, and in New York and New Jersey, poutine was served as a late-night side dish at clubs, where they called it “disco fries.”  Now Poutine has finally made its way to Maryland, but remains authentically Canadian with the Pop-Up Poutine food truck. 
Pop-Up Poutine’s co-founder Stephan Beauchesne came up with his own cheese curds and uses a sauce base imported from Montreal to create the best and most authentic poutine around.  This means you’ll be enjoying the real deal at the Myersville Winter Farmers Market with Pop-Up Poutine on Saturday, February 20.  Additionally, the Pop-Up Poutine food truck also focuses on Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, and savory puff pastry to complete your meal.
We have now moved inside the Myersville Volunteer Fire Company’s Banquet Hall, 301 Main Street, Myersville, Maryland 21773, due to colder temperatures, and the potential for inclement weather.  Protective face coverings are required, and social distancing and other pandemic response protocols are always followed. 
The February 20 Myersville Winter Farmers Market will also feature artisanal soaps, seasonal produce, local honey, farm-fresh eggs, farmstead meats and cheeses, local wines, and much more!
Please join us on the first and third Saturdays of each month through April 3, 2021.  The purpose of these winter markets is to build awareness of the Myersville Farmers Market as well as to help our community to “eat healthy, shop local, and support small.”
Please help spread the word, and join us Saturday, February 20, from 9 AM to Noon, and each of the remaining dates throughout our winter season.  Here’s the full list of remaining dates (and participating Food Trucks):  March 6 (Grilled Cheese Please), March 20 (Pop-Up Poutine), and April 3 (Grilled Cheese Please).