Nena’s Curbside Café & Catering

Menu for 3/6/2021

Pre-orders are strongly encouraged as some items sell out in advance.  Limited quantities available at the market.  Contactless pickup at the kitchen door available upon advanced request.  Items can also be pre-frozen upon request.
(Soup not recommended for freezing.)
Contact with questions or to place orders.

Quiche Lorraine (Serves 6+)  $25
 A bacon and Gruyere egg quiche. 
Shepherd’s Pie (Serves 4-6)  $35
One of our most requested dishes, a traditional version made with beef.
Creamy potatoes with aged cheddar loaded on top of a gravy-soaked beef and vegetable base.
Greg’s Meatloaf (Serves 2-4)  $20
A wonderfully seasoned meatloaf of pork and beef, topped with a sweet tomato glaze. 
Mac & Cheese (Serves 4-5) $15
Loaded up with 4 different cheeses and a nice crispy panko topping.
Italian Wedding Soup
This is a very popular Italian soup with mini hand rolled meatballs, kale or spinach, chicken and orzo pasta, in a lightly seasoned chicken broth. 
Black Forrest Brownies (Serves 2) $6