Community Organizations

The Myersville Farmers Market is community driven Saturday morning farmers market bringing together the best local farmers and artisans.

As a community gathering place, local community organizations are also encouraged to participate in the market for the purposes of fund raising, membership drives, increasing public awareness, special event promotion, and volunteer recruitment.

Information for Community Groups

  • Information shared should not be religious or political in nature.
    • Local religious organizations are permitted to participate for the purposes listed above.
    • Local religious organizations are not permitted to distribute scripture or other tracts.
  • Community groups may participate in the market up to once per month at no cost.
  • Community groups that wish to participate more than once per month will be considered regular vendors, and are subject to regular vendor rules and guidelines including vendor fees.
  • Fundraising efforts require permission of market management and shall be limited to appropriate items that do not compete with regular market vendor sales, match the market’s standards, and are in accordance with County and State health codes and licensing.
  • Distribution of samples or free items must be cleared by market management and must also meet Maryland Labeling requirements as well as any requirements from the Frederick County Health Department if applicable.
  • Community groups must be approved prior to participation in the market.

Political Groups
The Myersville Farmers Market does not allow political soliciting, promoting, tabling, campaigning, or any form of canvassing at its markets. Our goal is to support farmers, artisans, and other local small businesses and unfortunately, political canvassing often distracts patrons from that goal.