Alpacas of Windswept Farm
Middletown, Maryland
Christine Charikofsky
(240) 235-1597
Windswept Farm is a family owned and operated farm that has been raising alpacas for over 17 years. They produce a variety of alpaca related products from artisan hand dyed yarns to finished products such as scarves, shawls, quilts and more; for you and your home. Their second passion is baking, producing decorated sugar cookies and fruit cakes.

Vendor Since 2018
Beautify The Beast Dog Grooming
Myersville, Maryland
(301) 908-7412
Taking care of your fur baby like they are one of their own, when your puppy is dropped off at the appointment time, and picked-up promptly afterward, they will never sit in a cage. With decades of experience they have proven that a quieter, calmer environment makes a less stressful experience so Beautify the Beast only sees one client at time.
Vendor Since 2017
Black Sparrow Bath Co
Myersville, Maryland
Lori Schroyer-Wells
The Black Sparrow Bath Co. specializes in handcrafted, artisan soaps as well as other bath and body products inlcuding facical masks, lotions, body butters, bath balms, soaking salts, etc.
Vendor Since 2017
Canada Hill Crafts
Myersville, Maryland
Laura Y Sweeny
(301) 651-9598
Selling wood flowers which have been hand dyed and arranged, as well as hand poured soy candles.

Vendor Since 2018
Faerie Springs Farm
Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
Kate Hemphill
(301) 730-4478
Small Goat/Cow Dairy Making Farmstead Cheeses
Vendor Since 2020
Foxes Creations
Frederick, Maryland
Paul Fox
(301) 473-8519
Foxes Creations offers unique and creative handmade birdhouses, bird feeders and planters. Also available are beautiful crocheted hats and scarves accompanied with a variety of hand sewn dishtowels, dish cloths and doll clothes.

Vendor Since 2018
Frog Hollow School Masters Homestead
Myersville, Maryland
Kimberly and Mark Dominesey
(540) 819-7154
Established in September 2014 when the Dominesey family bought the circa 1862 Smith-Bowlus house just outside of Myersville in what was original known as Frog Hollow. Inspired by Seymour’s “The Self Sufficient Life” and they have modeled their efforts using intensive sustainable and natural methods without unnatural chemicals. They raise poultry for eggs and meat, bees for honey, goats for milk and cheese, and alpacas for fiber.

Vendor Since 2017
Good Gracious Gardens
Boonsboro, Maryland
Mary Cottone
(240) 469-9964
Good Gracious Gardens seedlings are grown from non-GMO seeds, in locally-made potting mix, and potted in re-used containers. They nourish their soil with compost and cover crops, provide habitat for beneficial insects, and NEVER use any synthetic chemicals. The health of the environment and the support of natural ecosystems is as important to them as food production -- and they've found that the two can coexist very happily!
Vendor Since 2020
Guys Woodwork
Williamsport, Maryland
Guy Swomley
(240) 675-0584
Woodworking that will fit anyone's home

Vendor Since 2018
Homestead Wreaths and Crafts
& Children's Books by Casey Bednarczyk
Boonsboro, Maryland

Casey Bednarczyk
(240) 385-6289
A home based business where creativity is utilized through various crafts including wreaths, aprons, ornaments, bags, bowl cozies, and more. Casey is also a self-published children's book author and illustrator. Her characters are unique and fun; her children's books are full of positive messages for any reader.

Vendor Since 2018
Hurricane Bride Crafts
Sharpsburg, Maryland
Holly Rudy
(301) 748-8108
Just a small town girl living in a crafty world, Holly's hobbies have evolved from jewelry making to painting to crocheting. Crochet has become her passion, and she designs the hand dryers she has created. New designs are added often.
Vendor Since 2019
KidCycle Consignment
Myersville, Maryland
Angela Shafer & Kelly Hooper
(757) 645-5779
KidCycle Consignment is a children’s seasonal consignment sale held twice a year in Myersville. Items available include clothing (children and maternity), books, toys, and baby items. KidCycle Consigment is participating in the Farmers Market this year, providing a kids craft table as well as information about their consignment sales.

Vendor Since 2019
Kids Label Cannery
Hagerstown, Maryland
Kristin Aleshire
(301) 992-1861
Why does one start a jam and jelly business? Consider it to be more of an art form that was once a widely practiced part of life. Two of those "artists" from the past are Kris's grandmothers, each with there own unique style and both masters of tinkering with their craft. As such, they inspired Kris to carry on those traditions, which were woven into the experiences they shared with him. As for the name of the business? Well, it springs from the imagine of Kris's children who thought his original idea was too boring. They have since designed everything except the jams inside the jars. With the help of family, friends, and lots of local businesses, their products were born.

Vendor Since 2019
Kim's Urban Homestead
Middletown, Maryland
Kim Constanzo
(301) 928-5110
Small family-homestead growing, baking, and making what they can for their family and yours!

Vendor Since 2017
Low Budget Farms
Myersville, Maryland
Brenda White
(240) 405-0047
A Family-owned and operated farm that is dedicated to delivering fresh, quality, produce, eggs, and meat to the local community.
Vendor Since 2017
MartinMade BeadThings
Myersville, Maryland
Deanna Maginnis
(240) 520-0055
Handmade Jewelry - unique earrings, bracelets, necklaces. 20+ years of experience, using a treasure trove of beads that might be new or vintage, from the earth, or man-made, from all over the world.

Vendor Since 2018
Mazzaroth Vineyard
Middletown, Maryland
Garry Cohen
(301) 639-0303
A family-run boutique winery passionate about crafting premium Maryland wines. Achieving this goal requires a relentless focus in the vineyard and winery as well as a profound respect for nature.
Mazzaroth Vineyard
Vendor Since 2018
MidValley Sprouts
Middletown, Maryland
Paul Rosenfeld
(240) 603-4281 [Text Only]
MidValley Sprouts is a local small garden growing bountiful produce, herbs, sprouts, and micro-greens.
Vendor Since 2017
Pickett Fence Farming
Middletown, Maryland
Tina Siegel
(301) 529-9610
In the shadow of South Mountain, this produce farm grows vegetables without pesticides and raises free-range chickens for eggs. The name of the farm has two meanings. It refers to picketing bad food and bad farming principles, and is a reminder to us that we need to be much more mindful of our farming practices. It also evokes images of white picket fences, an icon of the all American-Dream.

Vendor Since 2017
Piece of Harmony
Myersville, Maryland
Andrew Grimm
(240) 215-5649
Family-owned and operated, growing fresh and local fruits, vegetables, and microgreens.

Vendor Since 2019
R and D Acres
Thurmont, Maryland
Corinne and David Darragh
(240) 271-7091
Expanding their garden in hopes to have more fresh produce available for the market and for food preservation, David and Corinne also raise laying hens and Hampshire sheep. They sell many wool based products in order to promote the local sheep industry and to show the diversity of the fiber.

Vendor Since 2018
South Mountain Jewelry
Knoxville, Maryland
Pam Holzman
(240) 357-0074
One of a kind Handmade polymer clay jewelry and accessories
Vendor Since 2018
Spruce Run Farm
Wolfsville, Maryland
Josh Lewis and Kenny Trumpower
(301) 293-1070
Spruce Run Farm is a small but growing farm located in Wolfsville, Maryland encouraging the local community to eat health and live sustainably within their means jams and jellies, local honey, fresh produce, garden hods, live plants, homemade soaps and salves, and much more!

Vendor Since 2017
Treat Em Right
Myersville, Maryland
Gabrielle Pieklo
(301) 401-4977
Treat 'Em Right is here for you to buy little goodies and toys for your dogs.
Vendor Since 2020
Valley-HomeMade and HomeGrown
Middletown, Maryland
Jamie Derr
(301) 305-9796
Local dairy farmer Jamie Derr has started a side business selling homemade crafts and homegrown items. The crafts include hand quilted items and painted signs. She also sells cut flowers and arrangements that are all grown on her farm as well as some produce.

Vendor Since 2017
Waltz Family Farm
Smithsburg, Maryland
Laurie Waltz
(301) 730-7225
This family farm was established in 1774 and is still going strong! They strive to raise healthy, happy, animals the old fashioned way, meaning pastures, free range, or large fenced in areas. They follow sustainable methods because they want this farm to be around a few hundred years more! Because they utilize professional, dependable, butchers they can offer a wide variety of cuts with amazing flavor. They also want you to know they go out of their way to provide great care for their animals.
Vendor Since 2020
Whistle Punk Farm Food Truck
Keedysville, Maryland
Alexis Holland
(240) 818-9296
Whistle Punk Farm Food Truck launched in 2019, fully committed to creating delicious seasonal foods to highlight the produce, meats, and cheeses grown/raised by local, sustainable farms in Washington and Frederick Counties. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and offering an expanded specialty menu for private events. When you purchase food from the Whistle Punk Farm Food Truck, you are supporting local farms and local flavor!
Vendor Since 2019