Become an Entertainer

The Myersville Farmers Market is a community driven Saturday morning farmers market bringing together the best local farmers, artisans, and entertainers.
Local Farmers and Artisans wishing to participate in the market should click HERE.

Applications are being accepted for the 2022 Outdoor Season! 
(Entertainers do not participate during the Indoor Season.)
You must provide any example of your performance for review by market staff.
If you are not able to provide a link to a recording online, you may email an audio file to

While we typically book up all weeks of the Outdoor market prior to the start of the season, new entertainers are encouraged to apply at any time during the season through the first week of October. 

We encourage potential entertainers to visit the market prior to submitting an application. 
However, no decisions regarding applications will be made during market hours.

Information for Potential Entertainers

  • Entertainers sign a yearly agreement and agree to adhere to Myersville Farmers Market rules.
  • Entertainers supply their own tents, tables, and other equipment.
  • Electricity and Running Water are not provided.
  • Convenient access to Restroom Facilities may be limited during market hours.
  • Entertainers must live within 50 miles of the market, or within a one hour drive.  While proximity to the market is considered, it does not ensure your ability to join–many other factors are considered.
  • Entertainers must apply and be approved prior to participating in markets.
  • The market does not pay Entertainers to perform.
    • Entertainers are welcome to collect tips.
    • Entertainers are permitted to sell related merchandise such as tee shirts, CDs, stickers, etc. (Producer’s Only rule is waived.)
  • Entertainers are not limited to only musicians, other talented folks including, but not limited to, face painters, magicians, and jugglers, are welcome.
  • We understand that 3 hours is a long time to perform in public. 
    • Entertainers are welcome to participate for as little as one hour–we would recommend from 5 to 6 PM.
    • Entertainers are absolutely welcome to participate for the full three hours, and should do so if possible (with appropriate breaks.)